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Step away from the pandemic gloom and slow, pedestrian start to 2021. Helen Anthony are showcasing the collection as a sign of hope and of the positive things to come. As a more unified and focused world slowly emerges into a new post-pandemic phase, this beautiful unisex collection embraces the concept of unification. Influenced by the familiar shapes, patterns and structures of East and West, with vibrant colours and the draping lines of a dupatta, the collection is poised as a non-binary statement for individuals with a keen eye for contemporary style and quality. Reflective of a more positive time, the cross-cutting 1970’s influence with large collars, flamboyant trouser silhouettes and powerful wide shoulders remains a signature of Helen Anthony,

The hand tailored garments and individually designed fabrics remain totally exclusive to Helen Anthony, with the Helen Anthony exclusive monogram print on all the fabric and leather, making them as individual as you. A range of important and stylish accessories, such as hats and bags are available to accompany the collection.

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