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This season, Helen Anthony is proud to present the Spring/Summer 2023 London Fashion Week Runway Collection.


The event will be a celebration of empowerment, freedom and craftmanship. Designed by the rule-breaking creative director Naeem Anthony, the collection is a melting pot of Eastern and Western culture and as always, has been made using the highest level of skill. Helen Anthony is proud to collaborate with Riddhima Kapoor Sahni, a highly crafted and handmade luxury jewellery brand for this collection.

It encompasses his 'all or nothing' mindset, with the contrasts between lengths, textures, and colours. Hand embroidered pieces made from luxury British fabrics like wool, cashmere, velvet and mesh reflect the classic British tailoring that has become an important part of the brands DNA. To contrast this, satin, sustainable and vegan leather and sheer fabrics add a daring element to the collection. The mixture of fabrics represents the freedom to wear whatever makes us feel most chic and confident, with sheer embroidered pieces highlighting that we should never feel shame for showing off our bodies. This is a theme that is continuous throughout all Helen Anthony collections.

Following in the footsteps of past Helen Anthony collections, the SS’23 collection has been created using the highest level of craftsmanship. The collection boasts beautiful and impeccably well-structured and oversized floor-length overcoats and broad-shouldered blazers, of which reflect empowerment, coinciding with flowing, low-cut maxi dresses with elegant tails. There are also powerful suits and tuxedos made using the highest standard of craftsmanship. Naeem Anthony has played with height and length, adding both high and low-waisted trousers and long and short skirts to add an element of playfulness to razor-sharp British tailoring. This is a collection that dares to be different, pushes boundaries and allows the wearer to own any room all whilst being chic and elegant. The collection is decorated with incredible hand embroidering done using the Indian Zardozi technique.


Wool, cashmere, and mesh pieces are hand embroidered with pearls or sequins to create images of historical London landmarks and the Helen Anthony monogram design. This is done using the highest level of hand embroidery skill.


The audience will witness reds, greens and pinks appear down the runway beside whites, blacks, blues, and browns as models walk down the runway. This runway show will banish outdated runway etiquette as models mix with the audience allowing them to view the pieces up close and become a part of the show themselves. This collection is a chic and highly crafted reflection of strength, empowerment, diversity, and freedom fuelled by a combination of cultures.


For the Helen Anthony SS’23 collection, we are proud to collaborate with Riddhima Kapoor Sahni, a handmade jewellery brand that specializes in polki jewellery. The technique used to make polki jewellery is called Jadau, it is a traditional Indian jewellery making process that dates back hundreds of years. Their breath-taking pieces are made from gold, uncut diamonds and enamel and were once worn by Indian Kings and Queens. This type of jewellery was originally only manufactured in the state of Rajasthan in India.

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