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Helen Anthony is proud to present the Fall/Winter 2023-24 Structural Liberation Collection. This

is a collection that banishes gender norms and encourages everyone to wear what makes them

feel chic, elegant and free. All of this comes together to paint a picture of freedom and


At its heart, Helen Anthony is a brand with a classic British tailoring background that creates

incredibly well-structured clothing. However, Naeem Anthony takes the art of British tailoring

and creates eccentric pieces that can be worn by all genders. By combining well-structured

tailoring with a variation of lengths, colors, fabrics and broad shoulders which represent

empowerment, Naeem has created a playful silhouette that is distinctly Helen Anthony.

Alongside this are floor-length overcoats, powerful suits and tuxedos made using the highest

standard of craftsmanship. Naeem Anthony has played with height and length, oversized and

super-fitted to add an element of playfulness to well-structured British tailoring.

The collection boasts chic and elegant clothing that has been made with hours of impeccable

hand-work. For example, a chunky oversized black and off-white hand-knitted jumper has been

elevated with a crochet multicolored flower. There are also flowers hand-embroidered onto

dresses.Naeem Anthony also designs his own exclusive fabrics.

This collection also plays with different prints and fabrics. It features wool, cashmere, tartan,

mesh, and animal printed sustainable leather. For this collection Helen Anthony has

collaborated with British luxury textile company Scabal to create luxury fabrics that perfectly

reflect the brand. The audience will witness an array of colours transcend down the runway – in

this collection colour is used to reflect different cultures and diversity.

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